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Sienna Countach Moulds:

$30,000 USD - SOLD * SOLD * SOLD

Complete Set of Sienna Moulds - Exterior Body, all the inner tub panels (front trunk area, complete interior tub, rear engine bay tub & rear trunk bay tub), Front Bonnet Lid (Inner/Outer), Engine Lid (Inner/Outer), Rear Bonnet Lid (Inner/Outer), Side Air Boxes, Headlight Pods, Doors (Inner/Outer), Wheel Arches (front & rear), Front Spoiler/Bumper, Side Skirt Panels, Rear Wing and more...

Important: The Sienna was the only Countach replica in the 80's to incorporate channels into all the openings of its' body for water run-off & ease of installing weather stripping, just like the original.

Sienna was the only Countach replica to have, bolt on; Wheel Arches, Side Skirts, Bumper & a true Window Pillar measurement with the curved roof-line.

Includes: (Other items included yet not listed - must call for info)

Pictures Available upon Request: Serious Inquiries Only Please.