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"The Greatest Countach Replica Ever Produced!"

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Ever since the word 'kit car' became a household name, Sienna Cars was at the forefront leading the way for what was labeled as, the most original Countach replica of all time.

Originating in England, this replica was a new edition to the versions using donor cars. And unlike its predecessors (including the once sought after PROVA), the Sienna Countach would now pave the way for where other replicas would be judged.

With its characteristics duplicated directly from the original version, every aspect of the replica, from the custom space-frame design chassis, bolt-on wheel arches, front spoiler/bumper & rockers, and direct fit of all the glass, including outer mechanical components coming directly from the original itself, it was no wonder it was dubbed the most original countach replica of all time.

When then, Sienna Cars (Owner, Alan Booth) decided to make these new edition versions available to both the American & Canadian public, it was Ultra Designs (Owner Frederick J. Awon) from Massachusetts whom he chose. Coming from a family with over 50 years in the automotive industry, it didn't take long until its reputation in the kit car industry caught on.

In 1986 while still in the last stages of development, Ultra Designs, which began business under the name Ultra Designs/Sienna USA began distributing marketing & promotional items to its future customers, and less than 2 years later, showcased the first ever U.S./CANADIAN version at the Bay-Side Exposition Centers Kit-Car Show in Boston.

Ultra Designs/Sienna USA, built a business and changed many aspects of the way kit car companies operate; particularly the parts industry.

Where other manufacturers shied away from selling parts to anyone other than their own customers, whom had previously purchased a kit, Ultra Designs/Sienna USA decided to take a different approach, and began selling to all, no matter which company/manufacturer a countach replica was purchased.

Ultra Designs/Sienna USA, built a business and changed many aspects of the way kit car companies operate; particularly the parts industry.

And in 1990 began a marketing campaign selling original and remanufactured parts needed to complete most any countach replica; thus becoming the Largest Wholesale/Retail Countach Replica Parts Dealer in the World, YES in the WORLD!

Then... (4 years later)

Approximately 4 years after introducing this revolutionary replica to North America, Sienna Cars came to a point where it was finding difficulty keeping its head above water. Even though sales continued to increase, Sienna Cars was falling deeper in debt, due to the major R&D Project needed to perfect this vehicle to exact standards. Abruptly, soon after, Sienna Cars filed for bankruptcy.

All however was not lost. Rather than let a work-of-art go to waste, Ultra Designs/Sienna USA decided to take full-control of all aspects of this project. By manufacturing new sets of moulds, we were able to continue from where Sienna Cars left off.

It is important to mention, that when Sienna Cars exited the industry, not one customer was left out in the cold without their original investment. Because our reputation had always been built on customer relations, we needed to assure the public, that Ultra Designs/Sienna USA was here to stay, and was willing to go the extra mile for its customers. And lets not forget about those few company's that had come and gone relatively quickly, only to undermine the integrity of the industry, and deceive customers who we know are the core reason why companies like us exist today.

With Sienna Cars of England now out of the picture, the continuation of sales was now relinquished to Ultra Designs/Sienna USA, along with the continuation of painstakingly redefining detail areas of the vehicle to ensure that the structure, integrity and ease of building was maintained. While these measures were being taken, in the mid 90s another problem arose.

Although the issue was a personal family matter and not company related, it would render the owner unable to continue the running of the specialty car building business.



Now, nearly 30 years later, from when the first Sienna entered the country, the SIENNA will still lay dormant in our hearts and minds, and to the lucky few who have part of this heritage sitting in their driveway. While I'd like to give you encouraging news that the SIENNA is back in production again, unfortunatley that will not be the case, not yet anyways. I guess the supply and demand is a major factor. While the supply might be there, there simply is no demand, surely not enough to warrant full production again.

However, all is not lost. Please stay tuned for more to come!

If you have a countach kit and need parts to finish your vehicle, please feel free to send us an email of the components you need. Not all the items we have available for sale are on this site yet.

Thank you.



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